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Richy Flip N’ Go

Richy Flip N’ Go extensions are 100% finest quality human hair. It is a one-piece extension with a crown-shaped design and a durable transparent band which can’t be notice easily in your head.

Richy Flip N’ Go extensions give you an amazing over-all look  and hassle-free without the use of clips, glue or any tools. The significant advantage with Richy  Flip N’ Go is  you don’t  need to spend hours of your time to get an instant longer and thicker hair , it takes only a minute to fit and a second to remove without damaging your natural hair.

  • 100% Finest Quality Remy human hair
  • Available in Diamond Quality
  • Available in 80g ,120g, and 160g per pack
  • Available in two hair lengths 50cm (18”-20”) and 60 (22”-24”)
  • Easy to apply, remove, and re-use
  • Damage-free
  • No heating tools needed for application

Step 1   Brush and style the hair as desired before placing Flip N’ Go extension.

Step 2   Create a small parting (to make blending easier) on the crown of the head 2 inches from the hairline where your extensions will sit then tie up the top part of your hair.

Step 3   Place the Flip N’ go extension where you created the parting.

Step 4   Untie the hair and let them fall down naturally.

Step 5  To make sure that there are no bumps, brush the hair gently and let Richy Flip N’ Go to blend perfectly with your natural hair.

Flip N’ Go extensions is similar to your own natural hair, you can use hairdryers, irons and clips for achieving your desired look as well as washing the extensions with gentle care.

an amazing over-all look  and hassle-free

color selection

Maintaining original color and shine are what we hair and swear by. Richy Hair experiences a special, gentle dyeing process that secures original shine and color within each strand of our Richy Hair Collection. Richy Hair does glamorous hair thoughtfully. We stay away from those traditional dyeing methods that make it difficult for color to properly attach to the hair molecules.

Richy entrusts and uses only the best dye process to guarantee all Richy Hair extensions preserve their full body and color.

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