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About Richy

It all started in the 80’s.. In a small town in Maastricht Netherlands, we established our first wig factory with a goal to create beautiful wigs from natural European Hair. Most of the market by that time using synthetic hair to imitate human hair, but we developed something different and real with the high-quality standard. We started to work with salons all over Europe to collect for us all the ponytails they cut and with these hair, we created something unimaginable.

1999 The collection of European Hair reduced and the capacity was not enough to supply the demands in the market. That’s why we had to come up with a new technique to keep the hair quality just same as natural human hair. Together with our chemist, we developed a system called melanin suction bath that maintains its natural look. We then introduced our hair in the market which has been very successful and runs at a competitive price.

2002 Due to high demand, we established another facility in Asia to increase our labor capacity in order to supply our valued clienteles continuously.

2012 Aside from producing wigs, we decided to expand and established our extension line called “Richy Hair Extensions” with 100% human hair and top-grade hair quality in the industry.

We believe that we have unique qualities and values that our products stood the test of time.
2014 After a great success in the United States, we opened our market to distributors around the world that we will be able to reach out all the demands in the market.

In more than 30 years of experience, we maintain and continue to provide the highest quality, safe and reliable products to meet and exceed our clientele’s expectations.


Our facility was acquired and designed for a comfortable seamless workspace and exceeds all friendly environment standards.

We believe at Richy Hair that providing a high-quality products and services isn’t possible in a dark dreary factory. Therefore, we built large windows that fill up the room with gorgeous sunlight and also allows for our hair color matching to be perfect and to achieve the exact desired color.

We have the latest innovative technology and machinery that helps us to make a difference in the hair extension industry.

Our employees are highly trained professionals in providing only the best quality.

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