• How long do the extensions typically last?

    Extensions can typically last depending on what type of hair extensions you have. It is determined by different factors in how long the hair extension can last, such as the method of application, client’s hair growth and how a client maintains the hair. In general, Richy Stickees can last up to 8-12 weeks and Richy Keratips can last up to 32 weeks.
  • Can extensions damage natural hair?

    All Richy Hair products are made to perfection. Each and every hair strands are handled very gently without using harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the natural hair. Our Richy professional hairstylists are well-trained to give you the best result for your specific needs and together with proper extension care, rest assured that your natural hair is damage-free.
  • Are Richy™ Hair Extensions made from human hair?

    Richy Hair Extensions are 100% hand-selected human hair sourced around the world. The natural hair cuticle is still intact to keep the hair tangle-free and lasts longer. All our products are created to match perfectly to your natural hair and can be styled with different hairstyles you want to have.
  • How can I tell if a hair extension is high-quality?

    Richy Hair offers only 100% Diamond and Gold quality hair extensions, the highest top-grade quality available in the hair industry. All our products do not shed and professionally produced to a high quality standard. The thickness and length of our hair extensions are proportion from top to bottom.
  • Can you dye Richy Hair Extensions?

    Richy Hair has 26-colors to choose from so you might not need to color the extensions. For instance you want to change the shade of your hair extension, it is advised to go by 2-3 levels darker and keeping all the bonds away from dye stuffs for about 24-48 hours to make sure that all adhesives and bonds are secure and stable. We do not recommend coloring the extensions by yourself and should be done by professionals to create proper formula needed for your desired result.
  • Can I use hot-tools on Richy Hair Extensions?

    Yes. Our extensions are 100% Remy human hair, like your natural hair you can do different hairstyles using hot tools but avoid intense heat on all adhesives and bonds to prevent damage.
  • Can I still use my regular hair products?

    Using your regular hair products on Richy Hair Extensions, we highly recommend when using conditioners and styling products to apply only from mid-shaft to tip of the hair. It is best to stay away from heavy conditioners, hair products containing alcohol, ethanol or oils and avoid hair product application in all adhesives and bonds to prevent loosening and damage. After using regular hair products, give gently extra rinsing-care to keep hair shiny and healthy.
  • How many packs of hair does it usually take to cover a full head?

    There are different factors that contribute to an answer regarding how many packs of hair to cover a full head.


    1. Hair thickness – thick, thin or average
    2. Head size –small, large or average
    3. Hair cut – very short or blunt haircut
    4. Desired overall look – full and natural finished look


    In general, it takes about 4-6 packs of hair depending on your needs. We recommend seeking professional advice to our professional Hairstylists as they are highly-trained and qualified to give you a precise evaluation based on your individual requirements.

  • Will you see or feel the bonds?

    Richy Hair Extensions are designed to be invisible and comfortable to wear. Our professional hairstylists are trained to install properly the hair extensions that will blend perfectly to your natural hair.  In a certain extent you will be able to feel something when you touch your scalp, but it is not painful and visible to others. After some time of wearing them, it will become part of you and your daily routine that you won’t notice them anymore.
  • Can Richy Stickees be Re-Used?

    Yes, Richy Sickees can be re-used up to three applications with the use of Richy ReTape and needs to be done by our professional hairstylist.