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Become a Certified Richy’s Hairstylist


The key to a successful career in Hair Extensions Industry is excellent education.

Learn from our team of highly educated professional Richy Hairstylists in advancing your skills and maximizing your profit potentials.

Richy offers intimate two courses which are extensive and informative covering all aspects that you need to know from root to tip.


  • Get to know Richy History and Hair Extension Industry
  • Learn basic Richy’s product knowledge, maintenance and after care
  • Do’s and Don’ts on application and removal of Richy Extensions
  • Learn hair classification, basic cutting skills and blending techniques
  • Learn Richy hair extensions application with proper designing, setting, dressing and styling
  • Safety removal of Richy extensions
  • Professional consultation and marketing strategies in improving your business success rate


  • Everything from Pro
  • Full application of Richy Extensions with actual demonstration
  • Hands-on
  • Advanced colour matching techniques
  • Advanced hair extension application and removal techniques without damaging the hair
  • Adding volume and length techniques using Richy Extensions
  • Learn different Richy Extension methods

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Become a Certified Richy’s Hairstylist and enjoy the  benefits of working with highest quality and amazing products, Best for your valued clients.