Learn about our process

  • Hand Selected Raw Hair

    Guaranteed 100% hand-selected human hair sourced around the world and we only offer top high-end grade quality.

  • Melanin Suction Bath

    We ensure that the hair quality is not altered when dark pigments are removed without using toxic chemicals.

  • cold dyeing bath system

    A special technique that we developed that prevents hair discoloration and damage during the process of dyeing.

  • Styling

    Our extensions come in different lengths and colors that match perfectly to your own natural hair and can style as you desired.


    Our pro hairstylists are well-educated in providing creative trending hairstyles that's gives you natural beauty and healthier hair.

Melanin Suction Bath

We believe Richy Hair extensions must be treated as sacred as our own, that’s why we developed our own innovative technology with gentle processing to keep the hair as natural as it can be.
We ensure during “Melanin Suction Bath” process, the hair quality will not be altered when the dark pigments are removed without the use of toxic chemicals or any harmful substances. In coloration process, once we get to the desired shade of lightness the hair is colored to consistency using a special technique called “cold dyeing bath system” that prevents hair discoloration and damage. We don’t use traditional dyeing methods and entrusts only the best dye-process to guarantee that all Richy Hair Extensions preserve natural texture and top-notch quality standard.

Our gentle process can last up to 15-20 days resulting for exceptional beautifully natural and healthier within each strand of Richy Hair Collection.

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