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Richy HairFlow

Richy HairFlow Instant Fabulous European Hair Richy HAIRFLOW is an easy, fast and fabulous solution that gives you longer and thicker hair on the spot without using any professional help, tools [...]

Richy Tools bar

Richy Haircare Luxury at home Richy Boar Bristle Hairbrush Our Richy Boar Bristle Hairbrush is a curved brush created with a mixture of full length detangling nylon pins and half-eight [...]

Richy HairCare

Richy Haircare Luxury at home Richy Diamond Shampoo We have carefully crafted a state of the art Shampoo that will nourish your extended hair and provide it a voluminous radiant shine, giving you [...]

Richy Replacement tape

Replacement tape Excellence over and over again Following our incredible success with our invisible stickees we took upon ourselves to ensure that our beloved product could be used and admired [...]

Richy Stickees

Richy Stickees Quick Application, Long Lasting Luxurious Results Stickees are ultra-light and self-adhesive, designed to give your hair more length and volume and most importantly be able to [...]

Richy Inv-Stickees

Richy Inv-Stickees Quick Application, Long Lasting Luxurious Results The Inv-tape is unique as the hair strands are attached on the outside of the tape making it impossible to spot.  Using a [...]

Richy Keratips

Richy Keratips Luxuriously Long Lasting Whether you are looking for wonderful volume or luxurious lengths, or going for both our Richy Keratips are designed to blend in seamlessly and to make [...]