Richy Haircare

Luxury at home

We have carefully crafted a state of the art Shampoo that will nourish your extended hair and provide it a voluminous radiant shine, giving you the glamorous look that you deserve.

Our conditioner and unique shampoo for hair extensions are heavenly matched. When used together, the nutrient-rich Richy Hair Conditioner will hydrate, nourish and protect your extended hair, giving you a mesmerizing silky-smooth look.

The luscious Richy Hair Mask is designed to care for hair extensions and with a unique blend of nutrients it will repair, rejuvenate and rebuild your hair fiber and restore its former glow. Recommended usage once a week.

Richy Fiber Force Serum Helps repair split ends and prevents frizz. This non-oily formula conditions, nourishes and protects the hair from the harmful effects of the environment and keeps hair healthy and shiny. No need to rinse.

Our facility is environmental friendly and is designed to be a comfortable, safe and a happy workspace for our employees.

We provide our highly trained professionals with the latest technology and machinery, ensuring work safety and appropriate handling of waste products, which help us to make a difference in the hair extension industry.

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