Replacement tape

Excellence over and over again

Following our incredible success with our invisible stickees we took upon ourselves to ensure that our beloved product could be used and admired over and over again by developing a unique re-tape solution.

The Re-tape solution is designed to replace the old tape when lifting and re-applying the extension in the salon for a fresh and fantastic look guaranteeing strong bonding and longevity. Our medical-grade tape is non allergenic, water and humidity proof and designed with a special silk coating for the utmost care of the strands of the hair. The tape can last for up to 8 weeks with proper application and care.

  • Medical-grade adhesive tapes
  • Transparent double-sided  tape
  • 5 Sheets – 12pcs pre-cut tapes per sheet
  • Size: Length 4cm x Width  0.8cm
  • Water-proof  and Non-melting
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Easy to clean and leaves no residue

Replacing the Richy Stickees adhesive strips (tape) is simple, the Richy professional hairstylist uses an alcohol-based solution that will separate the old tape from the extension piece without leaving any sticky residue on the hair or on the extension itself. The procedure is quick and easy and does not require any tools for the removal or application.

After the removal of the old tape, our professionals will apply a new adhesive tape in matter of seconds by peeling the tape of its sheet and applying it directly on the extension where it was previously set. The Richy Stickees adhesive strips can be replaced upto 3 times.  

Our facility is environmental friendly and is designed to be a comfortable, safe and a happy workspace for our employees.

We provide our highly trained professionals with the latest technology and machinery, ensuring work safety and appropriate handling of waste products, which help us to make a difference in the hair extension industry.

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