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Our Richy Boar Bristle Hairbrush is a curved brush created with a mixture of full length detangling nylon pins and half-eight smoothening boar’s hair. This perfect combination maintains the health of your natural hair and massages the scalp whilst making  your extensions very easy to manage and looking fabulous longer. This hair brush is ideal for all hair types.

Our Richy Clips are a perfect solution for hair stylists to work with all types of hair, lengths and styles. 

Our unique design using a double-hinged alligator clip will grip the hair and hold it comfortably and securely no matter how fine or thick the hair strands are.

  • MATERIAL- Clear PVC frosted material provides a barrier between scalp and heat wand and glue during Keratip application.
  • EASY TO USE- Single hole application allows for the stylist to keep track of last and next placement. You can also mark the scale above.
  • HEAT SHIELD- Separates the scalp and the heater protects the scalp from harm. Less glue mess and more protection of the heat shield.

Our facility is environmental friendly and is designed to be a comfortable, safe and a happy workspace for our employees.

We provide our highly trained professionals with the latest technology and machinery, ensuring work safety and appropriate handling of waste products, which help us to make a difference in the hair extension industry.

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